Mobile subscriptions

Mobile subscriptions can be connected easily and quickly by sending an SMS on a short number of your mobile operator.

Your mobile subscriptions give you access to the best of multimedia and entertainment content 24/7, including the latest business, sports, fashion, political and financial news, plus daily exchange rates. You can also access adults-only entertainment and news (age 18 and up).

Regularly scheduled content is distributed at the same time on a daily or weekly basis, or when it becomes available (for example, exchange rates), depending on your subscriptions.

Your cellular carrier offers subscriptions to a wide variety of content, at a significant savings to you in time and money.

If you need help changing your mobile subscriptions, have any questions regarding our services,or believe a subscription has been activated by mistake, please fill out the Ticket, form with a brief outline of your issue. Our support team will contact you promptly to resolve the issue.

Service price

You can find the service price in the section Price Table. For information, click:

  1. Your country of residence.
  2. Mobile operator to which you are connected.

Below you will see a list of available short codes which is activated in a selected region and the mobile carrier.

Please note that there must be Terms of Use of the service, as well as information about the cost on the online services

How to unsubscribe

In case you have subscribed to the service by accident and want to stop it you can resolve this issue independently in the section Unsubscribe.

Enter your phone number in international format. After clicking "Send" button your phone number will be in the system which will check for a subscription and the service will be disabled. In case the number does not exist in the subscription database, you will receive a message that the number is not found. This means that you are not subscribed to the services provided by our company, and we suggest you contact the helpdesk of your mobile carrier.

You can also unsubscribe using free SMS. Detailed instructions can be found in the welcome packet you received upon subscribing.

If you cannot unsubscribe simply give us a call. You can also send a request to cancel subscription in the section Ticket or order Call back. Our technical support service will review the issue within 24 hours.

How to contact us
  1. Call the phone number listed in the header in the selected country.
  2. Send a claim in the Ticket section .
  3. Request a call back.
  4. Send an e-mail to

Please note:

  • Claims entered by telephone will be resolved during the call, if possible. If your question or problem can’t be resolved immediately, the operator will create an application, to be reviewed by our expert support team within 24 hours. In some rare cases, the process may take up to 48 hours.
  • All the claims sent on weekends or holidays will be reviewed and resolved on the next business day.

RGK Help always aims to provide our subscribers with the high-quality service. We will promptly review and consider all suggestions, complaints, and questions about our services. Your opinion is important to us!